Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding Craft - Tea Bag Favors

I love tea. I drink it every morning. It is my cup of coffee. So when Stuart and I got married, I wanted the reception favors to be a little bit of him and little bit of me. So I decided to give out Pecan Shortbread bites for the guests and a tea bag that they could take with them.

The Pecan Shortbread was made by Dolce Desserts in Nashville. And they are absolutely amazing! Melt in your mouth, sweet and salty, buttery...yum. I highly recommend them.

That was the Stuart-part of the favors. He loves pecans, pecan pie, etc.

For me, I found this idea on Martha Stewart's website. I know that not everyone loves tea like me but I wanted the wedding to be about the things we love. So I decided to make my version of Martha's tea bags.

I ordered empty individual tea bags that you close by ironing. I found English Breakfast loose tea leaves in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. They also carry tea bags so I ended up ordering it all from one place which was great! I ordered about 200 tea bags and almost 2 pounds of tea (I was expecting about 160 guests).

Press N' Brew Tea Bag, 2.25" x 2.25"...perfect for one cup of tea

With the help of my (amazing!) bridesmaids, we filled about a tablespoon of tea leaves into each bag.
 Looking back, I think we should have done half of that.

The tea bag was less than half full.

All of my paper goods were designed by the amazing and talented Sarah Robins M. Powell, a wonderful college friend. I asked her to create the tea tags to resemble our wedding invitations. 

Here is what she came up with...of course, they were perfect!

I picked up a gray embroidery thread from Michael's to attach the tags.

Tie  a double knot at the end of the thread.
Place the thread inside the tea bag, past the edge that you are ironing.

Iron the open edge of the tea bag. I used the steam setting on the iron.

The tag should stay in the tea bag once you have pressed the end together. 

Voila! The perfect wedding favor (for tea lovers).

Happy weddings!

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  1. As a fellow tea-drinker, I love them! Wish I could have seen them in person at the wedding!