Monday, January 9, 2012

Orange Bowl - from Atlanta

Day In.

While Stu was at the Orange Bowl, I decided to have some friends over so we could watch the game on TV (and look for Stu in the crowds).

Here are a few pictures from the game...before they all left and it was bedtime (ok really, the game got so bad).

We had our own orange bowl!

The girls.

I don't think I took any pictures of the guys...oops. They must have actually been watching the game!

Austin did bring a "12 Pack"....

Taco were eaten...

...and a mess was made.

I even brought some pumpkin spice cake from work (it's sort of orange!)

We missed Stuart's noises and hand gestures while watching the here is what we came up with.

Rebecca - supporting the Tigers with her drink(s)
Meghan - doing "the Stuart" hand rubbing
Bartling and AC - showing off the new Clemson hand gesture (Tiger claw with a C)

Terilyn got in on the action too!

Of course we would have loved for the Tigers to win. But I think we all enjoyed spending time with friends :)

Day Out. 


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