Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ways to save money in 2012

Day In.

Now that I quit my 8-5 job and work at a bakery, I know it's time to start cutting back on some expenses that we can definitely live without. (and no, that doesn't include J.Crew...hehe...ok, I'll have to think about that one)

Here are some ways I have thought of that can save us some money this year (and in no particular order)...

1. Starbucks
Sometimes I just crave a vanilla latte or a pumpkin spice latte. But really, I don't need to spend that money or need the calories.

I could save:
$4/drink, 2/month = about $100

2. Magazines
Since pretty much every magazine is online these days, I really don't need to buy any.
I could save:
$4/magazine, 1/month = $48

3. Manicures
I really don't do this one often but it is fun to go out with your girl friends and get your nails done. So I'm going to see if the girls would want to come over and do our nails ourselves...maybe get out some cheese and wine :)

I could save:
$20/month, 1/month = $240

4. Hairdresser
This one makes me sad too because I love my hairdresser! She's the best. I think this may be my "treat" to do every once and a while.

But anyways, in college I used to color my own hair sometimes. I might start doing that.

I could save:
$130/visit, 5 times/year = $650

5. Eat what is at home
I absolutely hate throwing away food, especially produce. I noticed this week that our pantry is pretty stocked but we seem to not be eating much of it. I told Stuart that one week, we are going to only eat what we have at home without buying groceries. I don't think he was too thrilled about it :)

I think this would help us cut back on groceries.

I could save:
$75 groceries/month = $900

6. Automatic savings
This one is not a cutback on spending but a great way to save without noticing. Stu and I have an ING savings account...they are awesome. Last year, I made $50 in interest! I signed up for an automatic withdrawal from my checking into my ING. Honestly, I barely even noticed the money leaving my checking. It really is a great way to save.

I earned (for free!):

7. Bringing lunch to work
It's so easy to eat out at lunch, especially for Stuart since he works in midtown. Even if he brings his lunch 3 days a week, that would save us some money too.

I could save:
$25/week = about $1000 (just an estimate since he really doesn't work every week of the year)

8. Less shopping
This one should be easy for me....gulp. I have to wear khakis, a work shirt, and an apron to work so I really don't need to buy many new clothes.

Let's just assume that I stick to this one :)

I could save:
$100/month = $1200

9. Food from scratch
This is a good article about lots of food that is easy to make yourself and a lot healthier than buying it.


Not sure about the savings here...I will just include that with the week of eating what is at home!

10. Homemade gifts

I think for this year, I am going to work on giving more homemade gifts. They are very sweet and appreciated (hopefully!) by most. I love what my friend P did for her husband at Christmas.

Not sure on the savings here either...but I'm thinking about $200.


I think our generation doesn't know the benefit of waiting for what you want. Everything I listed I could just go out and buy whenever I want to. This year, I am going to take my time and "wait" for what I want to buy. Not only will I save some money getting there, but I will truly appreciate what I am waiting for.


Overall, I would say that it's about $4000 listed above (I am estimating since we would have to buy groceries in order to pack our lunches, etc.)

Even if we only save half of that, we would be happy!

Here's to saving :)

Day Out.


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