Sunday, March 3, 2013

Girl's Night

Day In.

My sister and I try to do something together on Wednesday nights, since the guys do trivia. We opted to dine in with food from our favorite Mexican place (Verde) and do some cooking.

Rebecca made some delicious and healthy granola with peanut butter. Yum!

And because we never follow a recipe, she added dried cranberries and pecans.

I made more of that strawberry jam that I love. Plus, we were out of jam from the store so I thought it would be a nice treat on Stuart's PB+J sandwiches.

Wine is a must-have at Girls Night.

Note: I keep my strawberries in bigger pieces, so it's more of a preserves, I would say.

Also, since we both have puppies, they enjoyed some time together....which included:

-Lady being the instigator of all trouble.
-Lady "falling" into our pond.
-Lady getting dirty...and smelling really bad.
-Cotton being the perfect dog (hehe).

...and ended with both dogs getting a much needed bath.

There's a stinky shoe of Stuart's for everyone!

Til next Wednesday!
Day Out.