Monday, February 27, 2012

Art around our house

Day In.

I wanted to share some of the artwork that Stuart and I have around the house.

Lauren Dunn Designs
My most recent piece of art comes from a local artist in Nashville, TN. I attended an art show at David Lipscomb with my mom, and she bought me this beauty. For now, it sits in my turquoise chair until I find a home for it.

(I really should thank my mom for being artsy and introducing me to these local artists that I now love! She has some wonderful taste.)

Hydrangeas by Lauren Dunn
I love Lauren's work. I like the texture and colors she works with. You can find her work here.

Ron is another Nashville native and a good friend of my mom's. We are pretty sure someday that mom will have enough of Ron's work to have an exhibit :).

I have 2 pieces of Ron' is a small 5x5" square and the other is a 12x16". I love birds so appropriately, both of these have birds on them.

"Home Tweet Home" and "Love is Blue" by Ron York 
I love how Ron signs his name.

Rebecca McKaskle
I have a very talented family. My sister painted me a trio of art a couple Christmases ago.  She painted food, one of my favorite things. She painted an eggplant, artichoke and an avocado.

Here are two of them on our shelves.

Jan McKaskle
I asked my mom to paint Stuart something for his (then) new house a couple of years ago. Here is what she came up with. I love it! It is currently hanging in our kitchen. Love the colors.

DeAnn Hebert
This is my favorite piece of art. It was a wedding gift from my parents. They commissioned DeAnn to sit at our reception and paint it from her point of view. It is stunning. She used a lot of my favorite colors...grays and orange. It is perfect over our couch because it was empty for a long time. I love it because it truly is one of a kind...

The adorable DeAnn.

In our living room

Stuart Day
Stuart recently made a piece of art for me. It was so sweet of him. He made it out of an original window from our house.

We finally hung it! We hung it in our dining room. We have some other large pieces in there so we thought they worked together. 

Lindsay Williams
Stuart's cousin is very talented and artistic as well. She is a graphic designer. She made us this piece as a wedding gift last year. It is one of my favorite things in our house. The background is burlap and in the shape of the state of Tennessee (where we got married).

And last...
Stuart and I bought these old mechanical gears from a garage sale at our church (ok really, Stuart should get the credit). We like a mix of high and low and a bit of industrial mixed in. So we didn't make these gears but we still consider them art in our house.

Yay for art!

Day out.

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