Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crisis averted...with shelving

Stuart and I were having our Sunday school class over to watch the Super Bowl and eat lots of dips and junk food. We were excited :) The night before, we heard a loud noise coming from our cabinets where we keep our dishes.

We discovered that two of the shelves had fallen and the pieces holding the shelves up were broken! (For some reason, the previous house owners thought it would be a good idea to use plastic to hold up the shelves.)

Here are the shelves after we took some of the dishes out.

And dishes were everywhere...

Luckily, Stuart knew what to do. He cut a small dowel rod and fit each into the shelves using wood glue.

Also, only one delicate glass had a crack in it....nothing was broken!

I can now live in peace.

Happy house discoveries!


1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness all your dishes didn't break! Isn't it great living with an engineer? Z is really good at fixing things like that, too :)