Wednesday, December 28, 2011

window flower boxes

Yippee! For Christmas, Stuart's parents gave me two window boxes to put on our front porch. I am really excited about them...but fingers crossed that I can keep the flowers alive :)

Our house is green, and we have a lot of "greenery" around the front of the house, so this is a great way to add some color. Stuart and I went to Home Depot after Christmas...we didn't find the best options (it is winter after all) for flowers but decided on some lovely purple and yellow pansies with a pop of cabbage. (I have been warned that the cabbage may smell at some point).

Here is an empty flower box that Stuart already hung for me. I love the iron.

Next, here are my tools....

The flowers

The dirt/soil

I added some plastic bags and cut holes in them to let the water through.
I also added some leftover pine that I used around the house to decorate for Christmas.

Gloves? check.
Gardening trowel? check.

Here's my first box finished. And my mess...

Ta-da! Here is the finished product. Hopefully, the flowers will bloom more and add some more color.

Now for my next project...remember to water them :)

Thanks Mrs. D!

-Anna Claire

Day Out.

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