Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Craft - Brown Paper Packages

Day In.

Stuart and I both love Christmas time. I am loving this first year together and getting to decorate our house.

We bought our first tree together at Home Depot. We don't have a ton of space so we tried to find a tree that wasn't too wide. We had to move a side table that was between our two chairs. Its's a little squished but I love how it turned out.

I also wanted to keep our wrapping I bought brown packaging paper. It's about $4 and you get 10 yards! That's perfect for a budget and if any is left over, I can use it through out the year as well. I also bought a set of lowercase alphabet stamps instead of finding tags I liked. Plus, I'm sure to use these again. (Note: These aren't the exact ones I found. I got mine at Michael's for about $5.) They also had a stamp on sale for $1 that said "Oh Happy Day". I couldn't resist it :)

Last, I picked up some simple raffia ribbon to tie the look together.

Here's how they turned out!

Day Out.

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  1. Love it! I wrap everything the exact same way. I keep different stamps around for different occasions (like baby feet for showers, etc). I like your personalized stamps. Way to love on that new last name :)