Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Craft - Burlap Stockings

Day In.

I was on the hunt for some new stockings for Stuart and I since we don't have a set together. The ones I liked were pretty expensive. I have always looked the look of (pretty much anything) burlap. I decided to make them. It ended up being easier than I thought.

I had Stuart print this pattern at 200%. I ignored the details and just used the basic shape. Along with the burlap, I also bought a light tan twill fabric...I wanted the stockings to be simple. Here are a couple of steps along the way.

I pinned down the pattern to my burlap....

...and cut 2 for each stocking.

I also cut out 2 of the stocking pattern in the twill. I decided to add an extra 4" past the end of the stocking, so that I could  fold over the top of the stocking. hour or two later, here they are.

Stuart's is on the left with the manly ruffles. I have the flower :)
This blog has great step-by-step instructions for very similar stockings to ours.

Stuart wanted to add a picture of the living room with the stockings. Here you go.

Day Out.

-Anna Claire

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