Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two Year Anniversary

Day In.

Stuart and I recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Two years?? It goes by so fast!

We wanted to do something fun for dinner so we tried Moroccan food. Yum!

I found a Groupon (this place is expensive!) for the restaurant, Imperial Fez. We had a five course meal, belly-dancing included. 

Upon arriving, you take your shoes off. (I did not like this part...mainly because I have a foot thing and because I forgot socks.)

Note: I apologize for the terrible photos. It was dark inside and let's face it, I was sitting on the floor.

No shoes, please.

The decor was fascinating! Reminded me of Aladdin...

Course 1 (red lentil soup that you drink from the bowl) and
Course 2 (salad that you eat with your hands).
Everything was delicious!

Also, it is tradition to wear your napkin (ok, really a towel) over your left shoulder to wipe your hands on.
Here I am "cleansing my palette" between courses with a carrot and raisin dish.

Course 3 (B'stella). This might have been my favorite dish! Phyllo dough stuffed with Cornish hen, raisins, almonds and curried egg, topped with cinnamon and powder sugar.

Happy Anniversary! 

Course 4 (I ordered Cornish hen with artichokes, olives, carrots and lemon)

(side note: at this point, I had moved to sit on the floor to be even more authentic. Stuart chose to stay on the couch...thus the awkward angle of the photo)

Course 5 (Probably my least favorite course. But the mint tea was to die for!)

And here's a little belly dancing to leave you with....

Lastly, my favorite part of the evening was when I made Stu give the belly dancer a tip. Of course, he was embarrassed :) So she comes over to the table, and Stuart is supposed to tuck the money in her "belt". Right as he is about to tuck the money in, she scoots away from him....twice. hehe 

And as I'm writing this, Clemson is playing horribly, and Stuart is audibly expressing his emotions. Back to reality :)

Day Out.

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