Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Day In.

Hello! Here are some things that we did this year for the holidays...

(p.s. most of these are from my Instagram account. If you follow me, sorry...)

Ok this was our "early" Thanksgiving weekend with my side of the family. So technically not Christmas,
but one of my all time favorite pictures! It's a framer, no?

This year, I bought a printable online for $5. It was exactly what I was looking for...Bible verse, chalkboard background, etc. I shared it with my sister and my mom, so we all have one now!

I took my file to FedEx Kinkos, and they printed it on the plotter (it was super cheap because it was black and white).
Then I spray adhesive to a foam board.....

....and Voila! (bad glare)

For wrapping, this year I did not use the brown paper I have in the past. I went for color and patterns!


I also downloaded FREE Christmas tags. I have to say, they were a hit! Especially this quote from Christmas Vacation...

Tags can be found here and here.

This was my first Christmas at my new job! I made blackened seasoning for some of my co-workers (mainly men). It was a hit. (Also, my sister had this adorable stamp made for me!)

Here's our tree! I still used the burlap I found at Michael's as garland. The skirt is actually a burlap table runner (shh).

I decided to put garland up in the doorway to the dining room. Next year....it will be real garland!

My inspiration....
garland in doorframe

I got this really cool silver deer head (fake) that I proudly hung. I've always wanted antlers!

Merry Christmas, to me!

And last, but certainly not least, Stuart gave me this amazing painting by Laura Hathaway. She actually goes to our church, and I saw this piece at an art show there once. I fell in love with it and said it had to be mine :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families. 

Day Out.

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