Saturday, June 1, 2013


Day In.

Some of our fans have been asking for some updated photos of Cotton. Here you go :)

Remember this guy?

And now...

I love tiny toys!

I love to wrestle with Dad!

...but sleeping is still my favorite.

There's a bug!

Here I am waiting on Dad to get home.

I destroyed a toy...

Oops...low point. I destroyed my foam bed insert. 

I love playing with Riley!

Nigh night.

I love looking out the window.

My, what long legs I have!

Dirty socks are another favorite.


Here's my beehive toy.

P.S. These were all taken on my old phone...sorry for the bad quality.

Day Out.


  1. My favorite post so far!! I can't help but notice that you accidently forgot to post a pic of Cotton and his BFF Lady....we'll forgive you - this time :)

  2. Umm, I love this pup. Based on personality, I'd say he's kindred to our two fur babies.