Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Day In.

I recently took a new job at a medical real estate office. I am loving it! It was a long and crazy story of how I got the job...mostly, God knew exactly what He was doing. The wife of one of Stuart's co-workers was leaving her job (at the real estate firm) because they were adopting twins from China! It has been amazing to watch their process and the love they showed to the girls before they even got them.

I recently brought them dinner, only one week after they got back from China. Needless to say, they are tired. Understandably so. But also, so incredibly blessed, as they put it.

Here are a couple pictures from my visit. I can't wait to go back!

Kim with her girls, Evie and Abbie,



They are so precious and blessed to have Kim and Nathan as parents!

Day Out.

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  1. Those girls are too cute! And congrats on the new job!