Wednesday, August 8, 2012

new hardware...aka appliances

Day In.

It's been one of those seasons where everything breaks. I call this my "welcome to being a homeowner" phase. Anyways, we recently purchased some new toys for the home.

1. Dishwasher

Our new dishwasher is sleek and lovely. It's very quiet, and I'm in love. We were able to save a buck or two because Stuart installed it. 

Hello, Gorgeous.

2. Disposal
Not as pretty, but equally as significant. It's much quieter as well. Stuart also installed this.

3. Washing Machine + Dryer
Sigh. This made me very happy when they were delivered yesterday. I am a happy camper. We went with Samsung...we heard great things about the brand. Stackable, energy efficient. 

It's a happy day! God is good.

Day Out. 


  1. I love new appliances! We have a Samsung dryer (got a great deal b/c it was the floor model), but our current rental already had the w/d set up in a closet, so our set is sitting in our garage until we move again...

  2. low point = blogging about a disposal! :)