Monday, July 2, 2012

Chalkboard Painted Mirror

Day In.

Remember how Stu made me a sweet gift? I decided to make one for him too. We had on old mirror left over at our house that no one really ever claimed. I've always wanted to try out chalkboard paint, and I heard you can paint over mirrors with it. I had also seen some sweet chalkboards hung over beds with love notes, Bible verses, etc. written on them. I think the written word is very powerful so I wanted to try something.

Here's what I did.


Some of my weapons...Krylon spray-on chalk paint.

Note: I needed something to scratch the mirror so that the paint would stick. I purchased a very fine grit sandpaper at Ace Hardware that did the trick.

I loosened the back of the mirror....

....and separated the glass.

I used the fine grit sandpaper to scrap the surface just a bit.

Coat one.
(make sure you wear a mask when spray-painting)

Coat three.

I also sanded the wooden frame.

My secret weapon! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the frame...amazing! Many more projects using this will come, I'm sure.


I wrote a part from my favorite Dierks Bentley song. It reads "Draw me a map that leads me back to you".

I love the color of the Duck Egg paint. It goes with our bedding/neutral palette we have going on.

(Also, I used a liquid chalk pen which I also found amazing. Normal chalk did not work at all on the chalk paint. I ordered my pen from Amazon.)

I wonder if Stuart will notice it when he gets home from work...:)

Day Out. 

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