Sunday, July 8, 2012

mexican chicken salad

Day In.

Today Stuart rode in a 60 mile bike race. He is pretty exhausted. So I knew I wanted to make an easy yet filling dinner for him.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and knew that it was something we would like.

I made some tweaks (of course), and we really enjoyed it. It's always the ultimate test for me if Stu says that he would eat a meal again sometime (which he did).


Here's a picture of mine...looks like a mess but oh-so-yummy.

I couldn't add the lettuce in the wouldn't fit!
But I think the leftovers will keep better without the lettuce getting soggy.

I took out the green bell pepper and green onion.

I used 2 ears of fresh corn (vs. canned).

I added:
-medium red onion, diced
-medium jicama, diced
-juice from one lime (I might add another next time)

This would be perfect for a party. I think the next time, I will cut the recipe in half.

Yum yum!

Day Out.

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