Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Window Boxes

Day In.

When my parents were in town, my mom and I went shopping for some new window box flowers. The pansies died (as expected), and I was ready for some color for Spring!

I wanted to coordinate with my pink wreath.

I picked up some amazing caladiums, impatiens and creeping Jennys. I have always wanted caladiums, and I found some pink and green ones! I like to affectionately call them "bobble heads".

(side note: the impatiens are supposed to have pink flowers...we will see if that happens!)

My beautiful bobble heads.

Also, my parents just bought a new house in Nashville. While packing/getting rid of stuff, Stuart and I were happy to take their American flag off their hands. We have always wanted one!

Home Sweet Home

Day Out.

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