Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet Bonnie and Angus

Day In.

We had some furry visitors to our house earlier this month, and they stayed for two weeks. My parents recently bought a new house in Nashville. There was a two week period where they had to move out of their old house but the new house wasn't Stuart and I were ready to take on their two fun and crazy puppies. (Note: they technically aren't puppies anymore but I refuse to let them grow up)

Bonnie and Angus definitely made themselves at home. Here are some highlights from their adventures.

Meet Angus. He's a short dog but thinks he's a big one. Lots of personality, this one. He will make you laugh.

Meet Bonnie. She's soft and fuzzy and will love you forever if you just pet her.
And her eyelashes might just be four inches long.

We learned that Bonnie LOVES cornhole. Ok really, she loves playing monkey-in-the-middle with the bean sacks.
Too funny.

Bonnie and Angus "share" a bone. Sometimes they are sweet ;)

I came home to this scene one day from work. Someone (who shall not be named) had rolled up their dog blanket like a yoga mat.
Also, see the pile in the background? I discovered that was Angus's treasure chest, i.e. scraps of metal and twigs were underneath. I caught them!

Angus is our guard dog. This officially became his chair.
I even had to angle it more towards the window so he could "guard" better.

Angus loves the sun.

Bonnie loves food.
Hehe that was harsh. At this time, she was on steroids so all she could think about was food. She's a cute beggar though.

Bonnie loved the pond. 

Bonnie and Angus love water! 

Meal time.

This is how Bonnie lays down. Here she is in my room, eyeing my shoes.

And she found one! At first, I took it away but then she was so darn cute, I let her have it as a souvenir :)

Let's just say it's a lot quieter around here without them...and they are missed.

p.s. One thing I failed to mention. Bonnie and Angus are from the same litter! I kid you not.

Day Out.


  1. SOoooooooooooooo cute!!! I miss them :(

  2. This is adorable and all but you just BLEW MY MIND at the end when you said they are from the same litter and that's all I can focus on now!! WHAT?! Crazy. Looks to me like you two need a dog... they are so fun! But you know, I'm not biased or anything. :)