Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest for dinner

Day In.

I wanted to try some of the zillions of recipes that I pin on Pinterest. We were having people over to watch football last Saturday I thought it was the perfect time to try out some unhealthy recipes! :)

I made this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. It was tasty and similar to a calzone. I definitely didn't follow the recipe...I almost doubled the stuffing part. It was huge! Oh was a hit, and I could see myself making it again.

I also wanted to try a super easy dessert...and it WAS super easy! I made this Butterfinger Pie. Yummy! Four ingredients and you have an easy dessert. It gets even better the more it sits in the fridge. Next time, I might try to use ice cream in place of the Cool Whip...just to make it denser.

Overall, both were hits! And, like I said, super healthy, right? ;)

Day Out.

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