Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SFG Update

Day in.

Some of you probably just read the article about the square foot garden we created.  Since we took the pictures, we have had a little bit of action.  Some from animals, some from plants.

We thought we'd give an update.

Some birds and squirrels decided they wanted to get in on the action and at their own touch.  I think the birds were trying to eat the seeds, and the squirrels were moving the seeds around/bury their own. In order to keep the animals out of the garden, we added chicken wire around the garden.  We got 25' of 2' chicken wire.  We attached it to the base with a staple gun and attached it to the top with old bread ties and other wire we had around.
Animal Proofed.
You also probably notice there is some green in the garden.  Currently, every square foot has something green popping up.  Some veggies are growing a lot faster than others, so here are a few pictures.
That's it for now. We'll be sure to update once we harvest something to eat.

Day out.

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