Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Today was my day off. I had planned to do some cleaning anyways, but some little guys had a different plan. And by little guys, I mean ants. The day started off by me adding some honey to my hot tea. Then, an ant is crawling on my hand...not ok. I take off the top of the honey, and they are everywhere! So needless to say, the top of my list was to scrub the pantry, top to bottom. I didn't have Raid or anything, but I found Windex to be suitable weapon.

Here is the pantry pre-clean (aka very dirty).

The ants refused to be photographed. But don't worry, they are there.

After cleaning, here's how it turned out. Overall, I'm very pleased. It's less cluttered and ant-free (for now).

I was also able to finally hang my grandfather's wedding present for us. He gave us this beautiful stained-glass piece. I am happy it has a home now.

Highlights of the day:
1. Ants and tea fiasco
2. Spilling a whole bucket of water and cleaner everywhere
3. Losing to the ants
4. Spilling a box of pasta on the floor
5. Having a (some what) cleaner pantry!

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