Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome to the Gallery.

As you may remember, a while ago I (Stuart) made a piece of art out of pallet wood. Since then, Anna hosted small group at our house.  One of the girls mentioned she really liked it and asked Anna where she got it.  Her husband, who is also a minister at our church, found out and asked if I could make one for his wife for Christmas. So I did.

Mine is on the right, the new one is on the left.
Then a few of our friends made some requests for their parents for Christmas. It started off with another state...

Then it got a little different.  Someone from work asked for a "Fast P".

AKA the Purdue Logo

Then came the Braves fan.

Then a reference from the church office came in. People say word of mouth advertising is where it's at...who am I to argue.

And finally, I made a South Carolina for my dad.

One of my personal favorites

Apparently, people like these things.  I already have two more orders pending - Indiana and a Tennessee. Once they are complete, I'll post those here for your viewing pleasure. 

And in related news, Anna, who doubles as my manager, signed me up for an Arts and Crafts festival at our church.  Hopefully, this will generate more interest.  But all orders will have to go through Anna because I think it could ruin my reputation as an artist if I show interest in selling them for CA$H MONEY.


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  1. These are really cool. I may have to get an order in...