Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet Cotton

Day In.

I know everyone has been waiting for pictures of the newest member of our family! And so, without further ado...I will let Cotton narrate :)

Hello! This is my first day at home!

Here I am riding home with my Mom and Dad. I was enjoying the view.

After this picture, I pretty much slept through the whole ride home.

Can you see me?

This is one of my favorite new toys!

....and I love a good stick.

The next weekend, I took a road trip to Nashville. I was a little nervous at first!

Here I am playing with Angus!

Angus and Bonnie had some great I took them.

I also met Riley! He's a lot bigger than me.

Some day....

This is how I spend a lot of my time....

....I'm getting very sleepy.

I love this couch.

Nigh night.

A close up.

I'm out.

That's all for now :)

Day Out.

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